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Body Wrap T-Shock 31, Body Shape Therapy, Endospheres Therapy London UK

T-SHOCK 31 Body Wrap 

  • Reduces body fat and water retention

  • Tones and nourishes the skin

  • Increases elasticity and firmness

  • Fights cellulite 

  • Cleanses the body and improve the metabolism

  • Boosts the work of the lymphatic system


The T-SHOCK 31 procedure stimulates the neutralization of toxins in the body and their removal through the pores of the skin using an exclusive mixture of macerated salts that work in synergy with the T-shock GEL (prepared with 31 officinalis plants). The mixture is applied across the body and then bandaged with bandages absorbed into the T-shock mixture, acting with a "sponge effect" that absorbs excess fluid and connective tissue toxins.


The T-Shock 31 body wrap can be done as a course of treatments or a one-time procedure. To prolong the effect of the treatment a course of 4 to 6 procedures is recommended. It can be performed once or twice per week in a combination with Endospheres Therapy. As a result you will notice that your skin is regenerated, toned and with improved elasticity. Your therapist will perform the following steps:

  1. The T-SHOCK 31 GEL product is applied all over the body (legs, torso and arms) and the graduated compression bandages are prepared with the T-SHOCK 31 SALTS and applied all over the body.

  2. You are now ready for an hour of pure relaxation while T-Shock 31’s active ingredients take effect. 

Rinsing is not required.


Decrease in Body Volume: T-Shock combines the effectiveness of 31 medicinal plants on the body. Thanks to its unique composition the therapy has a detox, diaphoretic, and anti-celulite effect.

Therapeutic Effect: T-Shock 31 triggers the natural body cleansing processes. It improves the metabolism, normalizes the water-salt ratio, and boosts the work of the lymphatic system.

Improves Skin Appearance: The T-Shock 31 wrap has an anti-cellulite, moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin, it improves its tone and elasticity. 

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