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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Summer is fast approaching, even thought it is still January and we tend to think there is lots of time until the sun starts shining again, it is closer than you think. It is important to get our skin ready for the summer well in advance and not expect that we can achieve that in a couple of week. After the cold winter months, the skin loses its elasticity and smoothness and a new summer routine is needed to get back its shine.

Hydrate your body

The skin reflects the current body state and this is especially true with the amount of water we intake. Water makes your skin look smooth and hydrated and helps it improve its elasticity and appearance. Drinking water regularly might not be that much fun, but adding fruit or healthy flavours to it, might make the routine a lot easier.

Hydrate your skin

Keeping your body hydrated might not be enough during the summer months. And this is why it is important to retain the skin moisture balance using additional care. Choose the skin moisturizer that is right for your skin type to protect your skin from dehydration.

Protect your skin from the sun

The sun improves the overall look of the skin but it also could be very damaging. Choosing the right sunscreen and protecting your skin when you are expose to the sun daily, and not only when you are at the beach, could make a real difference to your skin.

Eat more natural food and exercise regularly

Diet and exercise will have the most positive impact on your skin. The skin often shows the condition on the underlying muscles and keeping your muscles toned will improve the appearance of your skin. But what happens when your are drinking enough water, you have made the necessary changes to your diet, you are exercising regularly and still don’t see the results your want? To reduce the amount of cellulite under your skin, treatments such as the Endospheres therapy will help you get there, they not only work on the skin but also on the muscle tone. If you are ready to start your journey to a better skin with Endospheres therapy, book your session now in our London centre!

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