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Prevent stretch marks: tips and tricks!

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Prevent stretch marks: what can we do?

Most women get stretch marks at some point in their life. They appear on the skin when one faces abrupt changes that make it stretch or shrink very quickly. Even though our skin is pretty elastic, the collagen that supports it may rupture, and the stretch marks is the resulting scar after healing.

Around 80% of people have stretch marks

According to statistics, around 80% of the population get stretch marks in their lives. Initially, they tend to appear as red or purple bands in parallel lines, but then, over time, when the blood vessels heal, they turn white or silver and become less noticeable.

The stomach, hips, bottom and thighs are the places where they often appear, but they can also be visible in arms, knees and chest.

How to prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks appear in both men and women of regardless of age or skin type. However, as they are related to hormone levels fluctuations, they are more common in the latter. They’re completely harmless, and they don’t cause any pain, but we all know that we would be happier without them.

We’re most likely to get them when we experience weight fluctuations and the skin needs to stretch very quickly, like in puberty or pregnancy, when we gain or lose weight in a short period of time or when training, and we have rapid muscle growth. But even though there is a genetic link to them, it’s possible to prevent stretch marks and to make them less noticeable once they have shown up. With that being said, is there anything we can do to prevent them? Here are the answers!

Maintain a healthy weight

We’ve said stretch marks start appearing in puberty as our body is growing in weight and height. As this is a natural process, not much we can do apart from staying hydrated, and the same happens during pregnancy. But once we have reached adulthood, our diet plays a key role in maintaining stable body weight. If we work to control our body changes from happening in a very short period of time, we can reduce the chance of getting them. So, whether you want to gain weight or muscle mass or lose some pounds, make sure you consider professional support!

Hydration is key

As we already mentioned, the best way to prevent stretch marks from appearing is to keep ourselves hydrated. The skin contains 64% of water; so, drinking water will help you keep your skin hydrated and soft. The softer it is, the lower the risk of developing stretch marks. But bear in mind that water means water, as soft drinks or caffeinated beverages may increase that risk. Also, to help retain skin moisture, use moisture-boosting creams. They should contain ingredients like:

  • aloe vera

  • lactic acid

  • glycolic acid

  • hyaluronic acid.

Add more vitamins and minerals to your diet

Apart from the reasons we have already stated, stretch marks may also appear due to a lack of essential nutrients in your diet. Some vitamins, like vitamin C, D and E have been said to boost skin health, so just in case it doesn’t hurt to add them to your plate. Oranges contain vitamin C while mackerel, sardines and tuna are a great source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is found in:

  • nuts

  • seeds

  • plant-based oil

  • fruits and vegetables

Also, research has shown that there is a correlation between stretch marks and low levels of vitamin D, and that maintaining a healthy level if this vitamin might reduce the risk of their appearance. Apart from the sources mentioned, exposure to sun is also an easy way to get it. And regarding minerals, zinc is also important for your skin, as it helps reduce inflammation, and it plays a major role in regulating the wound healing process. In order to keep your skin healthy, make sure you add nuts and fish to get your daily portion of zinc!

Treat stretch marks as soon as you can

As it’s impossible to completely prevent stretch marks, we have to focus on the things that we can do, which is to minimize their appearance to be less noticeable. There are different ways to treat them, especially when they are fresh. Apart from finding the cause of them, you can also opt for treatments to smoothes them.

Prevent stretch marks: treatments to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Retinoid acid

Creams with retinoid acid are a topical treatment that increases the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity. It comes from vitamin A and when applied on the skin, it makes the stretch marks get lighter, so they will look like the rest of your body. If we can’t get rid of them completely, at least these creams will make them fade quicker!

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is also a very effective treatment that will help you to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin in your skin, but it’s also used to remove the outer layer, as there are different types of laser. As a consequence, the skin will regenerate and the marks will fade.

An extra help against stretch marks: Endospheres Therapy

The Endospheres Therapy is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that, through the use of a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres, generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations. When it’s combined with pressure, it has a vascular effect on the body that regenerates the drainage of fluids, recompact skin tissues and improves the microcirculation. Endospheres is not a treatment to reduce stretch marks, but its improvement of microcirculation and lymphatic drainage results in a smoother skin and stretch marks will be less visible.

Stretch marks occur on different parts of the body in any phase of life. Maintaining a healthy stable weight, keeping yourself hydrated and seeking treatment soon after they appear will help you prevent them and make them less noticeable. But also, even though some people are more likely to get them, we all have them. So, the best tip to treat your stretch marks is to actually embrace them!

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