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T-SHOCK 31 Body Wrap

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The T-SHOCK 31 procedure stimulates the neutralisation of toxins in the body and their removal through the pores of the skin using the process of sweating. The T-SHOCK 32 body wrap has the following actions on your body:

DIURETIC ACTION: enhances diuresis, even on the days following the treatment, also for people who drink little water.

DRAINING ACTION: essential to remove liquids from the areas with cellulite, thus loaded with toxins that, if not removed, cause the formation of nodules. Improved lymphatic circulation.

DETOXIFYING ACTION: many of the plants included in the formula can neutralize the various toxins and promote their elimination through the skin.

LIPOLYTIC ACTION: the active ingredients of many of the plants contained activate Lipases, enzymes that favour “destocking”, i.e. the removal of fat from the fat cells.

THERMOGENIC ACTION: (also known as diaphoretic action) some plants can increase local heat, an endogenous heat very similar to that obtained through the use of radio-frequency.

ANTIOXIDANT ACTION: it counteracts the formation of free radicals, substances that poison the tissue, compromising its functioning. This action also improves the function of the dermis and the hypodermis.

FIRMING ACTION: we have chosen plants that increase the elasticity of the tissues, as you will notice at the end of the session, when the skin immediately looks more hydrated and toned.

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